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Code Enforcement, a division of the Waukomis Police Department, issues citations for structural and non-structural related property maintenance, which includes nuisance violations such as inoperable vehicles, trash, littering and tall weeds and grass.



Property Nuisances

Why we care

Most homeowners take great pride in their property and make diligent efforts to maintain every aspect of their home. The collective efforts of homeowners have a significant impact on the desirability of a community. When one property falls into disrepair or fails to meet local codes, it has a negative impact on adjacent homes and creates issues that affect residents' health, safety and welfare.


In most cases, the property owner will remedy the issue after being contacted by the Town. If the property owner does not remedy the issue in a timely manner, the Town can initiate legal action.


Reporting your concerns

Residents may report property maintenance concerns two ways. The name of the person filing the complaint is not reported to the property owner.

Code Enforcement's goal is to review reported concerns within one or two business days; however, due to the notification process, the appeal process and the legal process, the possible violation may not be resolved quickly.


Preferred methods of contact



  • Call Town Hall : 580-758-3242

  • Email:

What happens when a violation is reported?

Our goal is to encourage both owners and tenants to voluntarily correct any violations. When a violation is reported, we open a complaint and work toward resolving the violation through a process of education, inspection and notices. In most cases, the person responsible for a violation is given an opportunity to voluntarily comply with the law and correct the situation.

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